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Main Products

Chemical Sector

Functional Chemicals

Functional Chemicals

Merits That We Provide
    We understand the effective features of highly functional chemicals so we can offer you a wide range of products in this area. From our knowledge through long history of sales, we are able to provide you with the right products to fulfil your needs. Our firm relationships with many suppliers enable us to cooperate in developing new functions in chemicals. Through our affiliated companies in China and Singapore, we can supply you with global-wide products.
Main Product Lines
Main product lines
various functional products
 emulsifiers, surfactants, thickeners, preservatives, antioxidants, fluidizing agents, antibacterial agents
 deodorants, adsorbents, dispersing agents, foaming agents

resin additives
 modifiers, cross-linking agents, flame retardants, anti-static agents

silica-based products
 abrasives, coating agents, hard-coating agents

 fluorine-based, petroleum-based solvents

fluorine gas
 refrigerant gases, inert gases

 chlorine-based detergents, fluorine-based detergents, water-based detergents, semi-aqueous detergents,
 hydrocarbon-based detergents

silicone products
 anti-foaming agents, paint additives, heat-dissipating materials, sealing materials, adhesives

resin raw materials
 acrylic acid, caprolactam derivatives, isocyanates
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