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Singapore Subsidiary

UTSU SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Corporate Overview

Address 1 Jalan Kilang Timor, #06-01 Pacific Tech Centre, Singapore 159303 MAP
Tel +65-6250-6456
Capital US$ 250, 000
End of Financial Year December
Shareholder UTSU Co., Ltd. (100% ownership)
Overseas Director Kenichi Utsu (President, UTSU Co., Ltd.)
Isao Takarada (Managing Derector, UTSU Co., Ltd.)
Akio Shinohara (Director, UTSU Co., Ltd.)
Kenji Fujita (Director, UTSU Co., Ltd.)
Local Director Manabu Gocho
Registered Business Category ・General Import and Export
・Business and Management Consultancy Services
Trading Banks ・MUFG Bank, Ltd.
・Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC)

Scope of Business

import, export, local sales, commission agency and services relating to the following:

  • chemical raw materials and products
  • semiconductor parts and materials, optical components and materials, precision instrument equipment and components, electro-mechanical equipment and components, building materials, electronic products and parts, glass products, general metals, cosmetics, synthetic resins, food additives

UTSU SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Management Policy

For almost 20 years we have developed relationships with both Japanese-owned and local companies in the Southeast Asian region, and have formed business partnerships with many companies. We established this locally registered corporation in Singapore to enable closer communications and faster responses. This enables us to:

  1. We are doing our part to support local procurement of the Southeast Asian factories owned by Japanese and local companies.
  2. Make an active contribution to the greater sales in Southeast Asia of the products produced by the Southeast Asian factories of both Japanese-owned and local companies.
  3. Export of Southeast Asian chemical raw materials and processed products to Japan.
  4. Export of Southeast Asian chemical raw materials and processed products to China.

Products handled by UTSU SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.

  • water treatment equipment and filters
  • various cleaning agents, cleaning equipment and solvent recovery devices
  • functional film
  • heat-resistant materials, including ceramics
  • raw materials used in semiconductor production
  • optics-related consumable material
  • other products